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The indispensable resource for East Coast boaters, the ELDRIDGE TIDE AND PILOT BOOK has tides and currents for ports from Nova Scotia to Key West.


Depth & Current Predictions

Peter Kuliesis

Current speed and time of change for a given location vary with depth. We believe that current predictions for shallower depths are most useful to our readers. As more data becomes available and we have options regarding which depth to use, we will publish predictions for the most shallow depth available unless otherwise noted.

Regarding the 2016 ELDRIDGE, currents for Woods Hole and The Race are based on depths of 21ft. and 25ft., respectively. We can now provide current predictions at a shallower depth for both locations and include updated tables below. As noted above, the 2017 edition will use these shallower depths. 

Current Table for Woods Hole, MA, The Strait (5ft. Depth)
Current Table for The Race, Long Island Sound (6ft. Depth)